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Stories from a Tortured Husband about his slutty wife

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Whore Wife

My wife Tara and myself have been married for 7 years and have an above average sex life. My wife is quite shy about sex but when she is really in the mood, she can be quite adventurous. As we lay in bed one night we started talking about our fantasies. I told her that I have always fantasized about sharing her with another man as the thought of watching her sucking and fucking another man has always really turned me on. She was quite shocked at first but as we spoke about it I could tell that she was quite turned on by the thought.

Over the next year Tara and I would fantasize while we had sex, I would pretend that I was another man and would make her call out names of guys that she wanted. When we finished, I said to her, “would she like me to arrange our fantasy evening?” I knew that one of my friends, Tom, had always fancied Tara as he was always making complimentary remarks about her ass and often chat with her online about sex and I was sure he would love to fuck her ass and have her suck him off. After a few moments thinking she agreed but only if we took things slowly and under the premise that she would be tied up and blind folded. She wanted us to take her, but she didn’t want to know who was doing what.

Tom eagerly agreed and so we arranged to meet downtown for a few drinks, and to walk through the park. As the drinks flowed, I started to feel really horny at the thought of my wife sucking the cum out of my Tom’s dick drove me to the edge. Tom went to get more drinks and I turned to Tara and kissed her passionately and as she responded with the same passion, I knew she was feeling the same. When Tom got back, we drank our drinks quickly and decided to go for a walk down in the park. Tara guided us to the very back of the park where it is really dark and not very many people go that late at night. I knew something was up and it turned me on even more. She found a nice swing bench in the farthest corner of the park, Tom and I sat down and Tara sat right between us. I made a comment to Tom that this is how she likes it, he laughed and said that he was down for whatever. As we swung back and forth I noticed that Tom’s pants started to grow a little and nudged Tara to take a look, she was already looking though. I asked Tara if she would like to rub our cocks to see who she could get the hardest. She said that she wouldn’t be able to tell how big or hard they were under our pants. I suggested that she could take each one of us further down the trail and examine the cocks closer once she got them erect. She was a little nervous at first but she slowly lowered her hand on to the top of my pants above my cock and started messaged my dick. I told her that she was leaving someone out, I grabbed her other arm and placed her hand onto Tom’s pants, she resisted a little but she didn’t fight much. Tom and I breathed heavy as she started messaging our cocks through our pants. Tara would looked down at her hand on my cock licking her lips and then moved her attention over to her other hand that was working on Tom’s cock. She cooed as Tom’s cock grew bigger and bigger and thicker and thicker…finally I couldn’t take anymore and told her it was time to judge. She readily jumped up and grabbed Tom’s hand and walked him down the trail, she looked over her shoulder and told me to watch out for anybody coming down the trail. As they walked down the trail into the shadows I lost sight of them, but I could still hear them. I heard their footsteps stops and then heard his zipper on his pants zip down. I heard a gasp of delight from Tara and then it went quiet. After about 5 minutes, I started to wonder what was going on, just then I heard Tom saying “oh my goodness…just like that…yeah, just like that”. Then I could hear slurping noises from Tara’s mouth. I didn’t want him to cum just yet and I knew that Tara would be even turned on more if I stopped her from finishing him off this soon. I called out and said it was my turn, about two minutes later they came walking back. Tara’s face was very flushed and Tom couldn’t make eye contact with me, but he had a huge grin on his face and the fronts of his pants were all wet. Tara then took me back to their spot and I asked what she had done. She told me that she just stroked him and that his cock was really big. I gave her an open mouth kiss and could taste his pre-cum all in her mouth, she was lying to me and it made me even more turned on. I unzipped my pants and made her suck my dick for about 5 minutes and then told her it was time to go.

On the way home I made Tom sit in the front seat with me and Tara sat all the way in the back of the Tahoe with the second row of seats pulled down. Tom and I were talking about the evening and how good she was at stroking dicks. We stopped at a stop light and heard moaning coming from the back seat. We both looked back and Tara had spun around on her knees with her ass pointed right at us playing with her pussy and ass. I asked Tom if he would like to taste it, before I could get the words out of my mouth, he jumped in the back seat and started to lick her pussy from behind. I told him that she really liked to have her ass licked and the further he could put his tongue in her ass the better. Tara started to scream with pleasure was Tom’s tongue probed the inside of her ass, and as he rubbed her clit with his fingers. She yelled at him to spank her ass, he complied and she kept yelling harder..harder…she follow suite and was smacking her ass so hard that I thought he was going to hurt her. The whole time his tongue was buried into her asshole and every once in a while he would lick from her clit all the way to her ass. Every time I could him gulp down a mouthful of pussy juice. I asked Tara if she wanted me to keep driving or go home. She said if he keeps going, I’m going to cum and I don’t want to yet!

Back at our house, I told Tara go upstairs and change into something more comfortable, I told Tom to wait in the sunroom as I went to get something out of my car. When I got back in the house, I could hear moaning coming from the sunroom, I turned the corner and saw Tom sitting in the love chair while Tara was on the floor bobbing her head up and down on Tom’s dick. Tom looked a little shocked and Tara stopped for a moment with his cock sitting half way in her mouth. I told her not to stop and to show him how you really suck dick. Once I said that she started working her mouth and hands all the way up and down Tom’s fat cock. As she worked his cock with her mouth I got behind Tara and put my fingers in her pussy, I wanted to make her squirt while she suck Tom’s dick. I put my fingers in her pussy which was dripping pussy juices all over the floor. I rubbed my fingers on her gspot, faster and faster and I could hear her moaning and gagging on Tom’s dick as she came all over the floor and down her legs. Her whole body was shaking and the more I rubbed her spot, the deeper and hard she would suck Tom’s dick. I asked Tom if he wanted to fuck Tara’s ass, he could barely get the words out of his mouth, I turned Tara around and made her sit in Tom’s lap, as she lowered her ass down onto to his cock, he shoved his hips up hard and made her scream, that pissed her off and she started to slam her ass up and down on his cock. I made Tara lean over forward so she could bounce her ass up and down on Tom’s cock while she sucked my dick. The harder he fucked her ass, the deeper she would suck my dick. She was moaning in ecstasy as her ass was getting pounded and her mouth was full of cock.

After about ten minutes of that I was ready to blow my load in her mouth and I could tell that Tom had been holding his in for a while now. I asked Tara if she wanted us to blow our cum in each hole at the same Time! She moaned “YES!” and once she did that my dick was throbbing and gushing cum all in her mouth and down her throat. She could feel Tom’s dick swell up and felt his hot cum hit the inside of her ass, he must have cum a lot, because he screamed for about two minutes. When she pulled her ass off his dick, there was cum dripping down his cock and all over his balls, her ass was dripping cum too.

She turned around shoved his cock all the way down her throat and sucked all of the juice off of his dick and then licked his balls clean.


After that night with Tom, Tara and I were anxious to fantasize about even more situations that we could involve other men with. Our sex life was amazing before, but this brought us to a whole other level. We started talking about our friend Jay and his roommate Bill. They were in a band and it really turned Tara on to think about both of them shooting their loads in her mouth. She would dream about how big their cocks were and how much cum she could milk out of their dicks. Every time Jay would come over for dinner she would make little comments here and there and I could tell that he was picking up on them by his expressions and how he would hang around waiting on me to go to bed. She would go up to his work and talk with him. I would be at work and knew she was their sucking his dick in the back of the shop….at least I hoped she was. Then one evening we made plans to go out on the town and hang out with Jay.

I had it in my mind that we would get Jay down in the park like we got Tom, but after a few hours of drinking and walking through crowed bars, I could tell Tara was ready to get home. Later that night she told me that Jay was walking behind her and when the crowd got thick he would rub up on her and she would let her hand fall behind and she would rub his dick, she said that it was the biggest dick she had ever felt and she wanted it bad! So, we went home and had a few more drinks. Tara said that she wanted to go change and I jokingly told her that Jay and I were sick and that she should put on her nurses outfit to help us get better. Tara turned around and ran upstairs saying that if we dared her she would, we both yelled DARE!!!

A few moments later, Tara came down wearing red thigh high stockings and her nurse’s outfit with her hair pulled in pony tails, she had bright red lipstick and had put a ton of eye shadow and some fake eye lashes…she looked HOT! When she came downstairs, she asked what our ailments were, Jay was shocked, so I spoke up and told her that neither of us could get full erections and when we did, no cum would ever come out. She told that did sound like a problem. She pushed both of down on some chairs and told us to pull our dicks out so she could look at the issue. When Jay pulled his cock out of his pants she gasped in amazement, it was at least 10 inches long and twice the girth of my dick, she was going to be heaven. Tara started to stroke our cocks with her hands and she kneeled between us. I could see that she was hungry for Jay’s dick, when I caught her glance I nodded my head over to Jay and she knew exactly what that meant, she creped over between Jays’ legs and cupped his huge balls in her hands as she licked up and down his dick, telling him in between licks that she wasn’t sure how much she could fit in her mouth. Finally after she got all wet, she put her lips over the head of his cock and slowly pushed her mouth down until it hit the back of her throat. There was still room for her to put both of her hands on top of the other and stroke his dick while she sucked it. She swallowed and stroked his cock and then moved to his balls, she couldn’t get one of his balls in her mouth so she just licked away as he moaned and she stroked his cock. I sat in the other chair just watching stroking my cock as I watched my wife suck this massive cock and balls.

Jay pulled his balls from Tara’s mouth as she begged him to fuck her with his big fat cock. Jay lay on the floor, his cock sticking up in the air. Teresa got up and leaned forward and kissed me deep and hard while she took my cock in her hand and jerked it. I want you in my mouth as I sit on Jay’s cock, she told me. With that she sat astride Jay and lowered herself onto his cock, bit by bit. “I don’t think I can take it all” she gasped. Jay reached for her clit and massaged it making her moan again as she slowly took more of his cock into her fully stretched pussy. I stood behind her and took her tits in my hands and squeezed them, kneading them, pushing them together and pulling on her nipples. With Jay working her clit and me working her nipples, it seemed to drive Tara wild and she began to ride Jay’s cock, slowly at first but as the pain subsided, getting faster and faster. She reached for my cock and pulled it into her mouth, sucking on it hard and like she has never done before. ” I am going to cum” I told her but she didn’t seem to care as she was now riding Mark’s cock like there was no tomorrow, sweat and saliva and pre-cum dripping down from her mouth onto her bouncing tits. “I’m going to cum in your mouth” I managed to tell her just before I felt my cock begin to twitch and start shooting my hot creamy cum straight into her mouth and down her throat.

After swallowing all of my hot cum, I pulled out of Tara’s mouth and leaned forward and kissed her, my tongue exploring her mouth and tasting my cum on her tongue. “Fuck me harder” she yelled at Jay. With that, Jay put his hands on her hips and pulled her down onto his cock as he quickened his pace and was fucking my wife like I have never seen. Watching them soon made my cock hard again. I went round behind Tara and pushed her forwards so her tits were banging on Jays chest as he fucked her.

In this position, could see Jay’s cock hammering into my sweet wife’s pussy. I spread her ass cheeks and stared at her tight ass hole. I slid a finger up and down her ass crack as Tara started panting at her forthcoming orgasm. My finger felt around her tight hole and I then slid it in a little way. It went in easier than I thought. I pushed it in further as Tara shouted she wanted me to fuck her ass. I obliged and slid my cock in and out of her tight hole, faster and faster.

Tara and Jay both started screaming as they both came, Jay shooting his hot spunk deep inside my wife’s stretched pussy. Tara rocked slowly on his cock as the intenseness of her orgasm subsided. I removed my cock from her ass as she climbed off Jay’s cock. As she bent over in front of me, I could see that her cunt was still stretched wide open and dripping with Jay’s cum.

After a little while of resting and talking about different fantasies with Jay, it came out that Tara really wanted to have Bill too. Jay said he could call him and have him come over if she wanted him too.

She thought for a minute and jumped at the chance to have three dicks at once. She told us that we should trick him into letting her suck his dick; we made up a plan as he drove over. Jay and I took Tara up stairs and tied her up in the closet; we turned off the lights, shut the door and walked out. When Bill got to the house, we had a few drinks and I told him that I had a great porn movie in the closet up stairs and that he should go get it, it was all the way in the back of the closet on the top shelf. He went upstairs and stayed up there for a long time……

Upstairs, Tara had been tied up for about thirty minutes and was getting so horny thinking about that door opening and sucking Bill’s dick she could hardly stand it. About five minutes later she heard footsteps, her heart started beating harder and her pussy started dripping down the inside of her thigh. The door creped open and she saw a silhouette in the door way, he couldn’t see her because his eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness yet. He walked to the back of the closet and his waist line hit Tara’s forehead, she moaned and he reached down and felt that there was this girl tied up. He pulled the gag out of Tara’s mouth and asked her why she was tied up. She said, “I’m supposed to suck your dick and let you do whatever you want to me before I can be untied”. He was very nervous, but she could tell that he was hard, his pants grew bigger and bigger. She thought about how big his cock was and told him that, “he better do what they ask or I will be tied up all night”. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, it was big, not as big as Jay’s but it looked much thicker than Jay’s, she could only hope that he would fuck her with that thick cock. As he pulled his cock out, Tara fished around with her mouth as she felt the tip of his dick touch her lips. Bill’s cock was so thick she could barely get her mouth around the tip of his dick, she spit on the tip to get it all wet so that it would go in easier. She was surprised how much she got in her mouth, Bill’s dick was curved down instead of up which made it really easy to deep throat even though it was so thick. She was sucking his dick up and down, up and down when she could feel the tip of his dick start to swell up, she didn’t want him to cum yet, so she stopped and asked him if there was anything…Anything that he would like to do to her. He asked her if it was okay for him to lick her pussy. Tara said, “absolutely, but the only way to do it is from behind on my knees since I’m tied up”. He flipped her around and pushed her face to the carpet with her ass sticking up in the air, he slowly lowered his face between her ass and made long strokes with his tongue from Tara’s clit all the way up past her asshole. He did this for about ten minutes until her ass hole started to puff out and seem to beg for his thick cock. He asked Tara if he was allowed to do anything. Tara responded nervously, “they said you could do anything and I had to let you or they would keep me up here for the rest of the night”. “Time for me to punish your asshole then” Bill says as he pushed his cock up her ass. She lets out a cry as he starts pumping her ass with his cock. Bill spreads her ass cheeks as he pushes and pulls his cock in and out of her asshole. Tara is moaning and crying as he slaps her ass while he fucks it. “Good girl. You just might be able to get untied if you keep this up……Well I think it’s time to fill that ass up with cum” Bill says. He starts fucking her ass faster and harder. “I’m cumming” Bill cries as he starts pumping cum down her ass pipe. He can feel her ass being filled up with cum and as he pulls his cock out he can see the cum dripping from Tara’s asshole. Bill stands up, flips her around and shoves his dirty cock down her throat, “clean that dick off, bitch!” as he grabs both sides of her head and starts to skull fuck her throat. A few moments later Bill screams out again and shoots another hot load deep down her throat. He zips up his pants and walks out of the closet before she can finish swallowing what he just deposited. Tara yells out, “Let me go now!”… Back in silence, Tara can hear guys talking and laughing downstairs, about five minutes later she can hear footsteps coming closer, the door swing open and the light turns on, Tara winces and has to shut her eyes because it is so bright. All of a sudden she feels a hot sting on the side of her face and her husband standing over the top of her calling her a slut and a whore! He grabs her by the nap of her neck and pulls her up and close to his face, he shoves his tongue down Tara’s throat and swirls it all around in her mouth. He suddenly pulls back and spits in her face and says, “I can’t believe you sucked his dick clean after he fucked your ass!” Tara begged that she was sorry and that Craig was the one that told her that they could do anything they wanted.

Craig untied Tara and told her that the only way that he was going to forgive her was to fuck and suck all of them at the same Time. Tara really wanted all of their dicks rubbing on her face and in her hands, up her ass and in pussy, but she knew if she sounded to excited that he would change his mind. Tara says, “only if you forgive me and don’t punish me anymore?” Craig agreed…and started to walk away laughing, because he knew that Tara had no idea that Bill and Jay had already left, and that we were going for a little ride to meet some new guys…much larger than what she had already had.
Craig told Tara to get a little dress on and to get in the car; we had some people to meet. He drove Tara to the Lake close to our house and parked in a dark corner. Ten minutes later a car pulls up and three black guys get out. Craig got out to talk to them while Tara stayed in the car, after a few moments they came walking up to the car and introduced themselves. Victor, Damien, and Billy.
Tara didn’t hesitate as her mouth engulfed Victor’s massive cock. Her mouth opened around it, she tried to go down as far as she could. Her mouth took in only about half of it before she had to pull back up before going down again. I could notice Tara’s tongue twirling all around his cock. He enjoyed this and started to use his hands on her head to encourage her. Her head was buried in his lap but appeared that she was tonguing up and down its length. Periodically she would rise up before dropping her head down on his cock to suck it into her mouth again.
All this Time, Damien was using his hands to try and get Tara to spread her legs apart. I could see his black hand playing between her legs a bit. Damien’s other hand held his own cock. It was not just large but enormous. It was probably 12 inches. What surprised me about his cock was that it was so thick. It was fat and looked like a swollen member. It had a large circumcised head and it was gushing with his pre-cum. I had my cock all hard and decide to participate in the show.
I could tell Tara did not only love Victor’s Cock but the busy fingers of Damien were driving her crazy. Billy was in the front seat, and suddenly was no longer so shy. He was laughing and saying “what a hot slut!” and busy looking out the windows…I told Billy that I would move the car to a darker spot. The only light was from a streetlight a ways up the street. I parked and realized that Tara had not missed a beat on Victor’s cock.
Things sped up quickly from here. The joking from Billy changed and you could sense that complete lust had taken over them. Nothing was going to stop them at this point. Damien spoke to me; “I need to get me some of that pussy, get out a second and let’s put down the seat”. Tara’s head pulled off Victor’s cock. It was so extremely big at this point that the head was the size of a small lemon. Tara sat up, and smiled up at me and raised one eyebrow as if saying “this is crazy isn’t it”. Her nipples were swollen and her forehead had some sweat on it and she seemed in complete ecstasy.
Victor put his cock in his boxers but didn’t bother to zip up or button his pants. He stepped out of the car and so did Damien. They told Tara to move out of the way. She sort of moved towards the center of the front row seats. She was close to me and started rubbing my dick. From both her sides, Victor and Damien folded down the back of the back sit. There were now lots of room for people to lie down.
They were no longer worried about speaking “sweetly” into her ears or complimenting her. We knew we all were getting her pussy and ass. Tara and I both looked at each other in excitement. Damien climbed in and then victor did. Damien crawled down to Tara’s legs and helped her remove her dress. Tara looked up at him in anticipation. He put down his trousers and crawled between her legs holding his semi hard cock in his hands. Damien rubbed the head of his fat swollen cock up and down her shaved pussy. Tara moved her hips in response.
Damien sank his thick cock inside her, slowly but deeply. Tara shouted just a bit as she was penetrated. You could hear her sighs and murmurs and Damien started to move deeply in and out of her. He was fucking her with a slow deep rhythm. I am sure this wasn’t the first or the last white pussy that Damien had fucked, but he was definitely going to take his Time to enjoy it. Tara had her hands up on his chest and shoulders. It wasn’t so much that she was worried about pleasuring Damien. It was obvious that she was feeling his body and losing herself in the situation.
At this point, I could see Billy in the other front seat rubbing his dick through his pants. Until this point, it was hard to tell why he hadn’t joined in yet. By his eyes, I realized he was planning on taking her as well. I sat uncomfortably near my wife’s head. I kept playing with her tits squeezing her nipples. Tara was my little slut!
I told Damien to make some room and let me get her. Damien pulled his shiny fat cock out of her pussy. Tara got up long enough for him to remove his pants and pulled Tara on top of him. As he lay on his back, Tara put her pussy over his cock. He held his long dick in place as she impaled herself on top of it. She moved slowly but deliberately up and down its length. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was half open. I started talking to her and telling her how hot my slut was and she was getting even hotter. She was sighing and moaning. Tara was lost in the sensations that were consuming her. Tara ground her pussy on his dick for three or four minutes before I realized that she was about to cum. Her speed increased just slightly as she continued to come to the point of ecstasy. His large hands were still cupping her tits. Tara’s breathing thickened, and her voice yelled that she was going to cum.
Sure enough a moment later, Tara’s hips convulsed upon the cock that was splitting her and she continued gyrating for a few moments. The increased speed of Tara’s ride had affected Damien too. He kept fucking her harder and faster. His ass was rising off the floor to meet that sweet pussy that was swallowing his tool. Just a minute later, I told Tara to get off his cock. I wasn’t quite sure why, but it seemed Victor was about to cum. He then tried to pull Tara’s head down to his cock. You could tell he wanted to squirt his load in her mouth. He just managed to put his large cock in her mouth and came loudly.
Damien held his cock up to her lips and she sort of cleaned it off for him. He had cum and she had cum, but there were me and another guy left since Victor had disappeared. Even while Damien was trying to get out of the way and get out the side door of the car, Billy started back in on Tara. She was on her hands and knees and Billy grabbed her hips and pulled them towards him. He positioned himself on his knees behind her as he worked his fat dick into Tara. She wasted no Time getting right into it. He was enjoying every minute of her. He was fucking Tara like she was a whore off the street and quickly building his pace. Tara’s breasts hung down and from the front seat. I could see her nipples getting harder with each of Billy’s strokes. Her eyes would sometimes close and sometimes half opened. Tara was covered in sweat and the car was heating up. Her eyes sometimes looked at me full of desire and thankfulness, but they were unfocused. They were not there. It was just she, her pleasure and I. She was getting strongly fucked doggie style and adoring it. That’s the way I love possessing her.
It was only a few minutes at this point before I intervened. Tara was on her ass, facing the back of the vehicle. I went forward and fed my cock to her. I could not see much except the back of Tara’s head and her moves on his cock. I held the back of her head in place and fucked her mouth with my hard dick. I honestly think Tara was about to die of pleasure. It wasn’t long though before I buried my cock all the way down her throat, held her head in place and started pumping my cum in her mouth. I was trying to show Billy how I knew how to do it best.
I released Tara’s head. I saw my cock swing out of her mouth, shiny with just one single drop of cum down towards the base of my cock. Billy called up to Victor to come get some. Billy got out and walked towards the front of the car. Victor got in the back. I do think at this point, that Tara was satisfied, but we had decided to take the situation to the end.
Victor seemed more than ready. He got in there and roughly told her to suck his dick. Tara leaned over and started to suck on his cock. It was black and thick and long. He liked the attention. Tara’s lips sucked and licked on his engorged prick. I did not want to miss the chance and held from behind my baby’s hips. I penetrated her and she started moaning. As if Victor didn’t want the moment to run out, Victor pulled his cock out of her mouth and made her ride my cock. Tara leaned over me and kissed me desperately. Her beautiful ass was sticking out towards Victor. Victor situated himself between her opened legs and held his cock as he pressed in behind her and slowly pressed the tip of his dick on her asshole. Her pussy was fully occupied by my cock but her ass was all wet and ready. I saw Tara’s eyes open, he was trying to fuck her ass, I removed my dick and he inserted his and for some minutes we alternatively had her well-fucked pussy. I was talking to her dirty and she cummed again.
He then found the way to her ass and started fucking her hard, with both our dicks inside her she got to the realm of pleasure. Victor slapped her ass with each stroke. She was moaning, yelping and grunting as she was taken by both of us. At this point, the rear door to the car opened up. Damien and Billy opened up the car door and watched.

Tara again came. And I filled her with my seed as I could not resist the pleasure. Billy was still busy behind her probing her tight ass with his black dick. A few minutes later he sank in deep for one last hit and came deep inside Tara’s ass. He pulled his cock out and asked her to clean it up. Tara sucked on it the best she could.



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My Friends Wife

My name is Craig and I have been staying with a friend and his wife in their spare bedroom for about two weeks. I needed a place to live and my friend’s wife Katie  convinced her husband Ben that they could use the extra money to pay some bills. I found out later she had alternative reasons for me staying there…this story is one of the many accounts.

I woke up one morning around 6:30am to get ready for work. I opened the bedroom door and started for the bathroom door when I saw Ben walking through the kitchen. He said he was about to leave for work and to have a great day. I said, “you too,” and walked into the bathroom. I started the shower and washed my hair and body squeaky clean. I was toweling off when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Hey Craig, Ben is gone and I’m feeling frisky, do you have any porn that I could watch on your computer to keep my busy for the day?” Katie asked. I was a little shocked, and replied, “yeah, I mean it’s in my bedroom, but just click on the folder on my desktop and you should find what you are looking for”. I brushed my teeth and put deodorant on and wrapped the towel around my waist. A little nervous about what I was about to walk in on, I hesitated and thought, “What the hell…she just wants to watch some porn”, I walked out and went into my room.
Katie was sitting at my computer with her left hand between her legs, using her right hand to click through all of the videos that I had. As I came through the door, she pulled her left hand up real quick like I had startled her. She blushed and said, “You caught me!” Nervously I responded, “It’s okay, I don’t mind walking in on a girl playing with her pussy”. I could tell that made her even more turned on. She asked, “What videos do you like to jerk off too?” Still in my towel, I leaned over her shoulder from behind and took control of the mouse, and selected a video of two girls sucking a guy off. I said, “I like this one, because the girls really know how to suck his dick.” I stepped over to my closet to get my clothes out as she watched the two girls taking turns sucking the guys cock. I asked her, “I bet Ben is packing some meat like that, isn’t he?” She jerked her head over to me real quick and said, “Yeah right, he is like three times smaller than that!” I said, “Dang, I’m just a little smaller than that guy on that video getting his dick sucked.” A little grin came across her face as she looked down at my towel…”I don’t believe you,” she said. “Well I’m not going to pull it out,” I replied. “I knew it,” she said. “Okay, I will let you feel it through the towel, but you have to keep watching the video,” I said. “Ok,” she replied. I walked over to the side of the chair and took her hand. By now my dick was rock hard and about to poke its head out of the top of my towel. I put her hand down where my balls are and slowly slid it up the shaft, the further I moved her hand up my cock, the harder it got. The tip of my dick was now coming out the top of the towel. “Oh my God!” she said. “I want to see it, can I see it?” she asked. I was very nervous about what would happen if I pulled it out to let her see it, but I hadn’t been with a girl in months and my cock was now in control.
I slowly undid my towel, as my cock fell out to attention. It was so hard; it looked like the skin was going to break. She looked at it and licked her lips. She looked up at me and asked, “Can I touch it?” I replied, “as long as you don’t say a word to Ben.” “I won’t,” she said back. She took her right hand and moved it up to my cock, using her fingers; she tilted it up and down like she was examining it. “This is the biggest dick I have ever seen in real life,” she said with excitement. I could see her left hand probing in between her legs. I could only imagine how wet that little pussy was. She slowly started sliding her hand up and down on my shaft as she watched the video, looking back and forth at my cock and the guys cock in the video. “I like yours better,” she said. I could feel my pre-cum seeping up through my dick and told her to squeeze on it for a surprise. She did what I asked and sure enough, the clear liquid oozed out of the tip of my dick. It was much more than I was expecting, and I think it caught her off guard as well. “Oh my, can I just lick that up, I want to taste it?” she asked. “Oh yeah,” I responded.

She twisted around in my chair and moved her mouth close to the tip of my dick. Her tongue came out through her lips and began licking the underside of my cock head. My sticky liquid left strings from her tongue to my cock each time she would lick it. She was trying to clean all of the pre-cum off, but just couldn’t get all of it.

She looked up at me and between licks she asked, “Can I suck it?” At this point, there was no turning back and I wanted to feel her hot mouth covering my cock. “Hell yeah, go for it” I exclaimed. She smiled and slowly put my cock head against her lips and with a slight sucking sound, sucked my cock into her mouth. Her mouth was hot and wet, it felt so good. After about two strokes of it going slowly in and out of her mouth, my cock was soaking wet, her saliva was running down the inside of my leg. She raised her left hand up and started to massage my balls as she continued to rhythmically twist her hand and mouth up down on my cock. It was the best blowjob I had ever gotten to date.

After about 5 minutes of her sucking and slurping on my cock, I asked if I could lie down. She looked up at me with my cock half way in her mouth and tried to say yes. She pulled my cock out of her mouth with one last sucking sound, gathering up all the pre-cum and slobber she left behind.
As I moved over to the bed, she told me she would be right back. A few moments later she came back in wearing just a thong and fishnet body suite.

For such a small frame, she had nice tits and a tight little ass. She had a condom in her hand and began opening it. “What’s that for,” I asked? “I want to feel your cock in my pussy, is that okay?” she asked. “Um, yeah, that’s fine,” I nervously said. She took the condom out of the wrapper and slid it down and over my cock shaft like she had done it a thousand times before. As soon as she had it on, she jumped up on the bed and without hesitation slid it between her soaking pussy lips deep inside her pussy. She winced once it was passing the half way mark, but I could feel how wet her pussy was and didn’t see much of an issue with it not going in all the way. As soon as it was all the way in and she shifted back and forth and side to side…like she was lining it up, she started to move up and down. With her hands on my chest lifting herself up, she started to bounce that tight little ass up and down the length of my shaft.

Faster and faster, her breathing and moaning escalated, her fingernails dug deep into the skin on my chest. I could feel her pussy starting to clench on my shaft as she let out a little yelp and sigh. “I need to sit on it backwards,” she said, exhausted and out of breath. “Ok,” I replied. She jumped off my cock and started to turn around. I noticed the thick white pussy juices all over my dick; she noticed it too, because as she was turning around, she grabbed the base of my dick and pulled it into her mouth, cleaning all of her juices up. She moaned as she tasted herself on my cock. She pushed her mouth all the way down my shaft until her nose was pressed against my stomach. Sticking her tongue out she began to lick my balls.

Once she was done cleaning her pussy juices off my cock, Katie leaned forward as she straddled my legs backwards; I pushed my cock up to meet her dripping pussy lips. She slowly lowered her pussy down engulfing every inch of my hard cock. Grinding and rotating her hips, she wanted to feel my cock hit every spot in her pussy that had never been probed before.

She began screaming with pleasure, her body was shaking all over, sweat pouring down her back, she yelled, “Fuck me..fuck me..I’m going to cum…” Katie sucked in a breath of air and held it as her body shook, she slowed her movement and then let out a loud moaning scream. She fell forward, still shaking as her orgasm rolled through her body. After a few moments she sat up and moved her hips forward allowing my cock to slide out of her soaked, spent pussy. She looked back at me and said “I want to suck your cock until you blow your load in my mouth.”

Katie moved down to her knees beside the bed, as I slid my legs to the floor, resting my ass on the edge of the bed. She grabbed my cock and pulled it into her mouth. She moaned as she pumped my cock in and out of her throat, while her little hands twisted back and forth.

When she felt my cock head start to swell up in her mouth, she began turning her head back forth, rotating her lips over the tip of my dick, still twisting and pulling her hands on my shaft. I began to moan and squirm uncontrollably until I felt the full force of my load shooting through my dick, blowing into her mouth. She moved her mouth forward to make sure she wasn’t touching the highly sensitive area around the tip of my dick, but she kept stroking my shaft harder and harder as my cum kept spilling out of my dick into her mouth.

After my body stopped convulsing, she pulled my wet cock head out of her mouth. She looked up at me and grinned, opened her mouth to show me what I had given her and then swallowed it all gone.

“That was a huge load!” she said with excitement. She stroked my cock several more times to squeeze out the last bit of spunk and then she sucked on it one last time so it wouldn’t go to waste.

“Well that was awkward”, I said. “Yeah, but as long as you don’t say anything to Ben, we can do that every morning, if you want?” she said. “Hell yeah, I’m not going to say a word.” I answered back. “So, Vickie told me that you let her give you a blowjob the other night,” she said.

(This kind of caught me off guard. Vickie was a friend of Katie’s that I had met through her and Ben. She was a stacked blond that was about ten years older than me. Vickie was by far the best dick sucker on the planet.)

“So you just wanted to suck it to, so that you could tell her you got it to?” I asked. “No, I have wanted it ever since you moved in; I just didn’t think you would until she told me you let her. So I figured I would go for it” Katie replied. “Ahh…I didn’t realize Vickie would say anything, too bad she couldn’t be here too.” I said jokingly. “We have talked about it, I can call her to see if she wants to come over” Katie said. I replied, “I will have to call into work and tell them that I’m sick.” “Okay, you do that and I will call Vickie to come over and we can play,” Katie said.

I called into work and told them that I wasn’t feeling very good and thought it best if I stay home today. My boss said that was fine and to feel better. After that I jumped back into the shower to get all of the sex off of me. When I got out, Katie  was back in my room wrapped in a towel watching more of my movies. She looked like she just got out of the shower herself. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was just watching some more videos, and that she had talked to Vickie and she was coming over in a little bit.

….more to cum…stay tuned.

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The Secret Date **Finished**

After My wife Tara and I had our first threesome with Tom (a guy that I used to work with) I was increasingly interested about her true feelings and fantasies for him. Tom had become a close friend in a short amount of time and they would text each other daily. I had always fantasized about Tara with another man and when I asked Tara if she wanted to have a threesome with Tom she said she would but didn’t want to hurt our relationship.

The first threesome with Tom, she hadn’t gone all the way with him because, I think she was worried about what I might think about it. Even though I had assured her and reassured her that I wanted to watch her fuck another guy. I will write about the first threesome at another time but the story I’m about to tell was an extreme turn-on to me.

One day while I was working and Tara was at home, she called to let me know she would be going out to dinner with a friend. She was very vag and when I began to probe her for info, she would begin to change the subject or distract me by telling me she wanted to blow me…which always distracts me.

The only info I could squeeze out, was that she was going to dinner and movie with some girl that she met. They were going to meet in the next town over and it would be on the following Friday night. Over the next few days leading up to her “Date”, I kept thinking that it was strange for her to do this, she has never done this before. I started to make up things that would make her have to cancel. When she got angry and finally told me that she just wouldn’t go! Then of course I felt bad and told her that it was okay. While at work on Friday morning, I thought it would be good to follow Tara and her “friend” later on to see just who this person was. Tara texted me and asked how my day was and if I had plans for the night. I told her that something came up at work and I was going to have to work very late. She told me she was sorry and that she would be leaving around 4pm to meet her friend at one of the local restaurants and that their movie started around 7pm. 

I left worked right at 5pm so I could drive the thirty minutes to where they were at, I didn’t want to miss them going back to their cars after dinner. I found where they were eating and noticed my wife’s truck in the very back of the parking lot. There were plenty of other spaces to park, I thought that was strange. I pulled my car into a parking space over looking where she had parked. I was close enough to see down into her truck and if no traffic was going by, I could probably make out what they say, if they come back to her truck at all. I waited, and waited, until around 6:30 when I saw Tara step outside, she lit a cigarette and was checking her phone. She looked amazing! She had some tight gray pinstripe slacks on that hugged her ass so perfect and a v-cut blouse that exposed her cleavage. Her hair was pulled up and twisted into a clip…so sexy! Just as my cock started rising in my pants my cell phone dings. I look down and it’s a text message from Tara.

  • Tara - Hey baby! Just finished dinner and about to walk into the movie.
  • Me - Hey! So is she nice? You having fun? What time do you think you will be home?
  • Tara - Yeah, we are having fun, not sure when I will be home. Movie starts in a few and then we may go out for a drink afterwards, I will let you know.

I look up from my phone and see Tara walking towards a car with another guy! The guy walks over to the passenger side door and begins to open it up when I can see him say something, then I see Tara laugh, she moves closer to him and starts to kiss him! This guys hands are all over my wife’s ass, and she is letting him do it! I could feel my blood pressure rising and my heart rate increasing as I sat there watching my wife let some guy make out with her. I was pissed off, but my cock was raging hard. I could have ran down there and beat the shit of this guy, but I wanted to see how far she would go. I grabbed my phone and texted her.

  • Me - Okay, well have fun, flirt with some guys while you’re out. I won’t be jealous, I promise!
  • Tarra - Shut-up :) we are in the movie now, I won’t be able to text until we get out. Bye love you!

They weren’t in the movie, this guy was groping my wife standing in the parking lot and she was loving every minute of it. I started to look closer and realized who’s car they were at…It was Toms! My heart started pounding in my chest and ears. I felt so many emotions running through my body at one time. I felt jealous and anxious and somewhat betrayed. I was cold and shaking and even dizzy. I realized it was all these emotions that was giving me one of the hardest erections I had ever had in my life. I watched as Tom pushed Tara against his car and kissed on her neck. Tara’s hand moved slowly down his chest and stopped when she felt his hard cock underneath his jeans. This went on for a few minutes and then he opened the door for her as he watched as she slowly bent over to get into his car, purposefully exposing her g-string and the top of gorgeous ass. Tom ran around to the drivers side and jumped in. I could see clearly down through his windshield from the hill I was parked on. Tom leaned over and slid his hand into her blouse and began to pinch Tara’s nipple. I could tell by her body language that she was loving it. Tom opened the blouse and exposed Tara’s tits. Her nipples were hard and standing strait up. Tom slowly started massaging her tits. He leaned over and took her left nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it. Tara moaned and lowered her head so she could watch him. He moved to the other side and gave it equal attention. He ran his tongue from her nipple up her neck and into his waiting mouth.
Tara started sucking on his tongue and running her hands through his hair. She raised her hips as he undid her slacks so he could pull them down. He held her legs spread and I could see her pussy clearly. She seemed to be more swollen and wet than she was the night of our threesome. She was freshly shaved, no hair at all, just a glistening pink slit between her legs. Tom took his hand and shoved it between her legs, slowly dipping his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy and rubbing her clit. The more aggressive he got the harder she would kiss him. She unzipped his pants and stuck her hand in to fish his cock out. I could see his cock throbbing and the tip was shiny with pre-cum, Tara slowly jerked his dick, making sure to rub her thumb over the tip to smear the juices over his shaft. She pulled away from his mouth long enough to lick her fingers that were covered in his spunk and to spit in her hand. She lathered his cock with the spit and began stroking it harder and faster. I could see he had two fingers in her pussy and was trying to get her to squirt. I could tell she was about to gush all over because her body started to quiver and she was leaning her hips up. She pulled away from his mouth to scream out as her pussy squirted all over his dash and onto the window. She had never squirted that hard for me before. Once Tara squirts, she becomes a sex driven mad women.

Tara pushed Tom back into his seat as she moved onto her knees on the seat.

My phone rang, I looked down and saw that it was Tara calling me, I glanced down at their car and saw that she was not calling me. All of the commotion of her getting situated must have caused her to butt-call me. I answered the phone, I could here her ask him if he wanted her to suck his dick, and him reply back “fuck yeah”.

Tom lifted his hips as she fumbled with his belt, trying to get it undone. She pulled his pants open and pulled them down. Tara bent down and took Tom’s cock in to her mouth and started sliding it in and out of her mouth.

Tom pushed his hips out to give her full access. She slid her tongue down his shaft toward his balls.

She took one of his balls into her mouth and was sucking gently on it while jacking him off. I could see Tom’s pre-cum dripping down her hand. After she finished licking his balls she ran her tongue back up his shaft and slid his stiff cock in her mouth.

I could hear Tom moan when she did that. She sucked his cock like an expert. I couldn’t remember a time when she had sucked me like she was sucking Tom. Tom said, “I’m going to cum if you keep that up.” Tara made a mmmmm sound from around Tom’s cock.

I sat watching and now listening as my wife stroked Tom’s cock in and out of her mouth. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, which was soaked with pre-cum. I began to stroke it while I watched and listened.

Tom started tensing up as his orgasm built. Tara cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them softly as he started cuming in her mouth. He was moaning loudly as he released his first load of the night into her mouth. He came so much Tara couldn’t swallow it all and some was running down her chin.

I was jacking off like a mad man and shot my load all over my shirt. My cock didn’t soften one bit, even after that powerful orgasm. It took me a minute to get my composer so I could look back out at what they were going to do next.
Tom had Tara pull her knees back to her chest, and slid her seat all the way back, tilting the back of the seat all the way down. He lifted Tara up and pushed her up the seat towards the back of the car. He slid down into the floor in front of her seat. She had so much pussy cum running out of her there was a wet spots all over the seat. Tom ran his tongue up from her ass to her clit and started sucking on it.

Tara started moaning loud as he worked on her clit with his lips and tongue. He would slide his tongue from her clit to her pussy opening and ram it in as far as it would go. Then using his thumb and fore finger he pulled the skin back from her clit. He sucked on her clit directly and she came undone when he did that. I saw and heard her explode in a orgasm like never before. Her pussy was convulsing and she spread her legs even wider and let her knees fall to her shoulders. Tara let out a scream of ecstasy which startled me. I couldn’t believe it, she had never screamed like that with an orgasm before. Tom put his mouth over her entire pussy and sucked as she finished cuming.
Tom moved up and held his mouth about two inches above Tara’s. He opened his mouth and the pussy cum he had sucked out of her started dripping on her lips. Tara stuck her tongue out and licked it off her lips then raised to his and started sucking and licking his lips and chin. She has always loved the taste of her own pussy cum.

I heard Tara tell Tom that they better get to the movie, she said she had to be able to tell “Me” what it was about. Then she told him they could play more after the movie. Tom said okay, so they got situated and drove down the street to the theater. I heard some fumbling around, and then I heard Tara say “oh shit, my phone…” I quickly hung up the phone, because I knew she realized that she had accidentally called me.

I cleaned myself off and followed a few cars behind, I wasn’t going to let them out of my site.

Once I saw them park, I parked a few rows over so they wouldn’t see me. My phone dinged.

  • Tara - Hey baby, I stepped out to use the bathroom and wanted to see how you are doing at work?
  • Me - It’s okay, probably a few more hours, so take your time and have fun.
  • Me - Your butt called me, but all I heard was some rustling and moaning..haha..what movie did you go see!? Have fun!
  • Tara - Really! Oh…yeah, it’s pretty crazy, tons of sex scenes. Luv ya, bye!

Once they purchased their tickets and got drinks, I saw them go back to the theater. Twenty minutes later I purchased a ticket and walked in. The theater was dark, and only a handful of people. I glanced towards the back and noticed them sitting a couple of rows from the top towards one side. I walked up the stairs and sat down on the very back row where I could get a clear view of them without them noticing me. There hands were all over each other, her right hand rubbing her clit and her right hand stroking his cock.

This went on for about thirty minutes. I hear Tom moan during a silent part of the movie and looked over to see Tara stroking his cock.

I was getting into the movie, only glancing over at them every once in a while. I glanced over to see only Tom sitting there and wondered where Tara went? I sat up a little in my seat and noticed Tom was looking straight up at the ceiling. I could now make out Tara’s silhouette, she was crouched down on the floor. Her feet were planted and she was squatting between her knees as if she were going to piss on the floor. I could see her head slowly moving up and down in Tom’s lap.

I could tell she was doing Tom’s cock right, because he couldn’t stay still, he kept shifting around in his seat, like he was trying to get away from her wet mouth. I could tell he was about to blow his load, his moans were getting pretty loud and I could hear Tara’s mouth sucking and slurping his cock like there was no tomorrow. A few moments later Tom pulled one hand up to his mouth to muffle his scream as Tara slowly worked his cum out with her hand and tongue, licking gently on the soft sensitive area underneath the tip of his dick. She worked his cock until it exploded out and oozed down his shaft, landing on her hands.

A few minutes later, I saw them talking and then they got up and walked out. I quickly followed.

I was about 100 yards behind them when they got into his car and started driving away. I jumped in my car and followed them back to the restaurant where Tara got into her truck and started to follow Tom. About two miles down the road they pulled into a pay by the hour motel, real shady looking, really dirty. Tom got out of his car and told Tara to wait a minute. A couple of minutes later, he came back out opened her door and pulled her out of the truck by the back of her neck. She seemed a little shocked, but didn’t really try to fight him. He drug her over to a door, pushed the key into the slot and opened the door. Tom slung Tara by her neck into the room where she landed on the bed face down. I sat in the parking lot a few yards in front of their window, which in the heat of the moment they forgot to pull the shades over. Anybody walking by could see Tom, raping my wife. My cock was hard again, extremely hard, I had to let it out of my pants. The bed in the room was lower than the window and I couldn’t get a clear view of what was happening, all I could see was Tom bringing his hand over his head and then slamming it back down, as if he were beating Tara. I jumped out of the car and moved in closer, my cock still swinging free and dripping with cum. I crept up the side of the cold concrete wall to the edge of their window.

I peered in and saw Tim holding Tara from behind choking her while his hand was probing her pussy.

Tom grabbed her blouse and tore it open, exposing her rock hard nipples.

He spun her around and threw her to her knees, tears were running down her face as he grabbed the sides of her head and began slamming his cock down her throat.

I could tell she was scared, but I could also see the pussy juices dripping on the floor, so I knew it turned her on. Tom continued to fuck Tara’s throat, she began gagging on his cock and slobber was dripping down both corners of her mouth. I began to stroke my cock, I moved a little bit further so I could see more of what was happening. Tom was standing about 5 feet away from the window with his back slightly towards me, but I could clearly see Tara’s face. She glanced up and saw me watching through the window, I pointed at her and mouthed, “whatever he does to you, you deserve it SLUT! I moved in a little closer so she could see me jerking my cock. I could see in her face that she knew she had been busted and that she felt terrible about it. Tears began rolling down her face as she stared at me stroking my cock, her eyes were screaming “Help ME!”

I continued to stroke my throbbing cock as Tom fucked Tara’s crying face. He grabbed her hair and led her towards the bed, making her crawl like dog.

Tom pulled her up and threw her onto the bed face down, Tara cried out, “Why are you doing this to me?” Tom smacked her in the face and told her to shut the fuck up. He held her face down on the bed with his left hand, grabbed his cock with his right and plunged it into her pussy. Tara cried out, she struggled to get away from him. Tom repeatedly smacked her face over and over, as he fucked her pussy from behind.

I was about to blow my load watching Tara get the shit beat out of her while another man destroyed her pussy. I could feel the cum swelling up through my cock, I squeezed on my shaft as hard as I could to stop the urge. I was too late though, the cum was about to roll out of my cock, I squeezed harder, stopping the orgasm, but not stopping the cum.

After shooting a snack size of cum out, I watched as Tom pulled Tara up on all fours and rammed his cock as hard as he could over and over into her wet pussy. Pulling her back towards his cock by her hair, as he slammed forward. I could hear Tara yelling, and then she began to ask for more! I was shocked…she knew I was outside watching. She was paying me back for not helping her get out of the situation that she put herself in, so now she was going to make the most out of it.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder Tom, I want all of the cock deep inside me!", she yelled out. "You like getting your pussy pounded?", Tom replied. "Oh yeah, fuck me like I have never been fucked before!", she yelled. Tom flipped her over and spread her legs open, and slammed his cock back into her soaked pussy. "Is this how you want it slut, is it? Does your husband fuck you like this?"

Tara grabbed his hand off her tit and pulled it up to her throat, “Choke me while you fuck me with that hard cock”, she demanded. Tom squeezed her throat and then smacked her face, “You fucking don’t tell me what to do whore, I am your master now”, he angrily told her. “Fuck YOU!” she screamed back as he grasped her throat, cutting off her oxygen. Tara gasped for air, but he kept hold, she started to get dizzy and felt as if she were going to pass out.

She tried screaming, but nothing but gasps came out. She was on the verge of passing out. I watched, my cock hard again, I wanted badly to bust this door in and help…him rape my wife.

Tom pulled Tara to the edge of the bed, grabbed her ankles and pulled them up over her head as he pulled his cock almost all of the way out and then would slam it back in deep.

He was about to cum again. Tara screamed out for him to cum, “Cum inside of my pussy, I want to feel your hot load paint the walls of my cunt!” Tom thrust a few more times and moaned, “You want my load in your pussy bitch, you want to get pregnant!” Tara yelled back, “Fuck yes, give me your seed, let my pussy suck that cum out!” Tom lifted his head up and thrust as deep as he could as his cock filled my wife’s pussy completely up. When he pulled his cock out of her, his jizz oozed out of her pussy and ran down her asshole.

Watching this made my cock pulsate, this time I was going to let it all out, I stroked my cock hard until I felt it rise up through my shaft. I grabbed my balls and jerked my cock until cum shot out. I yelled out as load after load exploded from cock hitting the window that was looking through.

After my orgasm passed I looked into the window and Tara and Tom were looking right me. Tom looked like he had seen a ghost…Tara walked over and opened the door.

I barged in began screaming at her, calling her a whore and slut, that I was going to get her back for cheating on me. I then calmed down a little and started asking her questions, trying to find out if this has happened before. She wouldn’t answer me, I got frustrated and slapped her then grabbed her by the throat and shoved her face into his. Yelling, “HAVE YOU FUCKED OR SUCKED HIS DICK BEFORE TONIGHT!!”

Tara wouldn’t answer me, she began to whimper, “Shut UP slut!”, I screamed at her. I looked over at Tom, who wasn’t going to say a word to me and told him, “Tom, take your dick out so I can watch my wife suck your dick”. Tom did as he was told. Tara began to cry, begging me to stop acting like this. “Please baby, I’m sorry, I won’t ever do it again…let’s just go home”, she cried. I grabbed her and shoved her to the ground in front of Tom’s hard cock. “No, I won’t do it, I’m not going to do this”, she said. I grabbed the back of her head, using my fingers to spread her mouth open, I guided her mouth over his cock. “You will do everything I demand, or you will find yourself doing shit like this for a living!” I screamed at her.

Tara relunctatly sucked Tom’s cock, and then stopped. She looked up at me begging, “Please don’t make me do this.” Tom grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock all the way down her throat, saying, “Do as your master commanded slut!”

I pulled my dick out and stepped closer to Tara. Shoving the back of her head down so that Tom’s cock would slide down her throat. I pulled her head off of his cock and shoved her mouth onto my dick. This went on a for few more minutes, Tara would deepthroat Tom’s cock and then mine…

I told Tara, “You are going to get down on your hands and knees while Tom fucks your dirty little asshole from behind.” Tara whimpered something but knew better at this point to say anything, she may as well do as she is told so that it will be over with. She slurped the juices off of our cocks and assumed position on the dirty floor. She stuck her ass up and arched her back, inviting Tom to stick his cock in her asshole. Tom stepped over the top of her ass and lowered his cock down to her asshole and thrust it deep inside. While Tom was fucking her ass, I grabbed Tara’s throat and began calling her slut and a whore. That she deserved every bit of pain and humiliation that she will get tonight and that I will expect her to be like this from now on.

I stood up in front of her and slammed my hard dick into her mouth, pumping it in and out as Tom pumped her tight ass. Tara’s whimpering slowly turned to moans, her body started to move in sequence with our pumping and she became compliant of the fact that she was now going to be treated like a whore and that is what she was going to be from now on.

I pulled my cock out of her dirty mouth, and said, “Do you like being a dirty whore?” She smiled and before she could say anything I spit in her mouth, she gagged and then spit on my dick. I smacked her face hard and shoved my cock back down her throat.

Tara pulled her head back gasping for air, begging for us to fill her holes up with cock. “Please…please fuck my dirty ass and pussy at the same time…please”, she begged. I laid down on the floor and Tom grabbed her hair and made her straddle me. She lowered her pussy down onto my throbbing cock and moaned. Tom moved in behind her, crouching down he slipped his cock back into her ass. Tara screamed out with pleasure as she felt his thick cock stretch her tight ass hole open. Tom winced from the pressure on his dick as he tried to push it in deeper. Once he got it all the way in, we began pumping in and out of both of her holes. Tara screamed, “Yes…YES…FUCK me…fuck my dirty holes, rip them apart, hurt me please, make me cry!!”

I looked up at her face, it looked as though she was a different person, pure whore instinct was flowing out of her. “Do you want to cry?” I asked. She replied, “Please, make me your whore wife, punish me.” I could feel Tom pulling his cock all the way out of her ass and shoving it back in, which was making her scream each time. While he did this over and over, I smacked her face until I noticed tears running down her cheeks.

I grabbed her face and the back of her head and whispered into her ear, “This will be how you are treated from now on. You stupid fucking slut, I hope you can live with being my whore and fucking whomever I tell you to.” She cried harder, “I’m only doing this for you, isn’t this what you wanted.” I got mad and pulled her head closer to mine, “If you did this for me, then you would have told me you were going out with him tonight, but you didn’t, so don’t act like this is my fault!”

Tom pulled his cock out of her ass, stood up and moved over to her face. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved her mouth down over his dirty cock. She struggled to say something as he face fucked her. “Can you taste your dirty ass hole bitch, does that dick taste good?” he asked her, continuing to fuck her face not letting her answer him.

Tom started to slam his hand down on the back of her head, hammering her mouth down deeper around his cock, she began to gag, saliva poured out of the corners of her mouth.

I told Tom I wanted to fuck her ass, so he jerked Tara up, spun her around and then made her sit down on my stomach. He pushed her chest back so her back was on my chest. I reached down and grabbed my cock, moving the tip around until I found the dirty hole that I wanted. Pushing it in all the way to the base, Tara let out a yelp. Tom got between her legs and shoved his cock deep into her soaked pussy.

After a little while of abusing her holes Tom and I stood up. I told Tara to go clean Tom’s cock off, she hesitated so I spit in her face, smacked her cheek and drug her over to where Tom was standing by her hair.

Tara cleaned Tom’s cock off, and then slapped her and told her to clean my dirty cock off.

She pointed at my dick, saying “That was in my ass, I don’t want to clean it off.” Tom smacked her on the back of the head and told her, “It’s your ass juices, now clean if off whore.” She fell forward and I shoved my dick into her mouth.

Tom and I each took turns fucking Tara’s ass hole for what seemed like an hour, it was so loose by the nights end, she wasn’t even wincing from our abuse.

Tom fucked her ass hole from behind while putting his foot down on her face. Tom began to breath heavy and asked Tara if she wanted his cum again. “Please give it to me Tom, please, I’m so thirsty!” she moaned.

Tom jerked Tara up to her knees and fed his cum into her open mouth, she licked her lips and swallowed it all gone, just like a good little whore should.

This was the end of the evening. I drove home and was asleep before Tara got into the bed. The next morning, she begged me to talk about what had happened, but I told her that she was my whore now, and I didn’t have to talk about anything I didn’t want to.

The END….

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